About us

Joseph Camm

My family have farmed in this area of Nottinghamshire for generations, growing cereals, vegetables and sugar beet. My grandfather, Joseph Camm, moved to Babworth in 1916 where he farmed and lived until his death in 1959. The business was continued and expanded by my parents, Frank and Margaret Morrell (nee Camm). We have found records showing that High Brecks Farm had a brewery in the late 17th century, so we are proud to be restoring the tradition of brewing to the farm.

Mary Easterbrook


In 2012 we converted the original farm buildings here into a modern micro brewery. The brewery’s name is derived from the cottage next to the brewery which original maps show was a Pheasantry used for breeding and rearing game birds. 

Our beers are brewed using traditional methods, from malted barley, hops, water and yeast.  This area of Nottinghamshire was an important hop growing region for around 150 years from the early 18th century, when nearby Tuxford had its own Hop Fair. The farm sale details from 1943 show that the field down from the brewery gardens was called the Hopyard, and there are hops growing wild in the hedges there today. High Brecks farm was owned from the late 17th century by the Kirke family who lived in the hall in East Markham. There was a brew house within the original buildings here which was used for John Kirke’s personal use.


Mark and Mary Easterbrook


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